The Soudal Group is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, PU-Foams and adhesives. The company, established in 1966 by its chairman, Mr. Vic Swerts, proudly remains family owned and independent from large multinational corporations.
Soudal is a strong brand all over the world. It serves professionals in construction, retail channels and industrial assembly and has nearly 50 years of experience with end-users in over 130 countries worldwide. With 17 manufacturing sites on 4 continents and 60 subsidiaries worldwide, Soudal ensures optimal technical and logistical support.
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Soudal acquires South-Korean sealant producer Dong Yang

Dong Yang acquisition Soudal

Soudal acquires the South-Korean sealant producer Dong Yang Silicone Co. Ltd. The company has a turnover of 30 million euro and a product portfolio similar to that of Soudal. This acquisition is a further step in the geographical expansion of Soudal and strengthens its position in the Asian markets.

Dong Yang Silicone was established in 2003 and develops and manufactures silicone sealants, MS sealants and acrylic sealants. The company employs 52 people and focuses on the construction sector, industrial markets and the glazing industry. In these sectors, Dong Yang has achieved a leading position in its Korean home market.

Dong Yang‘s current management will stay in charge and the entire company staff will remain in place. For the coming years there are plans to expand both production capacity and employment.

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Dony Yang acquisition Soudal

Soudal acquires adhesives producer Mitol

Soudal is proud to announce the acquisition of Slovenia based adhesive manufacturer Mitol. The company has a turnover of 17 million euro and a product portfolio of more than 500 high-quality technical adhesives, further strengthening Soudal’s position on the industrial adhesives market.
Soudal Mitol

Mitol was founded in 1947 in the Slovenian town of Sežana, originally as a dairy company. In 1954 the first glue was developed. In the next decades Mitol expanded to the production of synthetic adhesives. The company gained a strong position in the Balkan countries, after which new export markets were explored.

Currently, Mitol realizes 60% of its turnover in export to more than 30 countries and employs 81 people. Mitol’s product portfolio consists of dispersions, hot melt and PVA/PU based adhesives. These products are mainly destined for the professional woodworking, paper and packaging industry as well as to the bonding of floor covering.

Soudal’s long-term vision for Mitol is to become an Eastern-European center of excellence for adhesives and dispersions.

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Soudal Mitol Soudal Mitol

Record turnover and net profit in 2016 for Soudal

In 2016, Soudal has achieved a turnover of € 670 million, which is an increase of € 40 million or 6,3% compared to 2015. The net result amounts to € 25 million. Soudal invested more than € 30 million in 2016.

Soudal 2016

The Soudal Group is pursuing ambitious investment projects throughout Belgium and neighbouring countries. A new production hall has been built at its headquarters in Turnhout. The facility contains cutting-edge 'disposal robots' and state-of-the-art filling machines with a capacity of 200 cartridges per minute. The central warehouse in Turnhout is also currently being expanded by 15,500 m2. The production and storage capacity of other production sites in Belgium (Aerotrim) and in Slovenia and in the USA has also been significantly increased.

New subsidiaries and acquisitions
The Soudal distribution network now incorporates sites in Morocco and Sweden. A further three new subsidiaries have been established in Dubai, Kazakhstan and Iran, boosting the Group's global presence to 60 branches that bear the Soudal name. In Belgium, Soudal acquired the PU system developer Sapac.

Soudal 2016

Increase of employment
At Head Office, a further 45 employees joined the Soudal Group, making the total around the world more than 2,550.

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Soudal surprises with its new innovative T-REX® grab adhesives

Soudal surprises everyone with its new innovative, super-firm T-REX® grab adhesives, reinforced with fibres! This new range of adhesives for fixing decoratives and heavy items ensures rapid bonding and a super-strong end-result. Drills, screws and nails are a thing of the past!

The range consists of three products, each having their own specific properties:

T-Rex Montage Super
for bonding interior decorations

T-Rex Montage High Grab
has the highest initial bonding strength available in the market at 300kg/m²!

T-Rex Montage Transparent
for invisible bonding of all types of porous materials

In the product launch campaign for these super-strong grab adhesives, the image of the mighty T-Rex is used repeatedly. Displays with a dinosaur head and dinowobblers will be real eye-catchers at the point of sale.

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Genius Gun: the easiest PU foam to handle!

A world première in the market of PU foams… simply genius!

Soudal Genius Gun
Regular users of hand held PU foam often experience inconveniences. For instance: the need to hold the can and to operate the adaptor simultaneously, and the difficulty of dosing the foam. And especially, the limited tenability of the foam after the first usage of the can.
For Soudal, continuous product innovation based on market needs is of paramount importance. Therefore, we have been diligently working on overcoming these inconveniences in the past two years. And the result speaks for itself; GENIUS GUN ®: the easiest PU foam to handle!
The Genius Gun is a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise dosage and removing the need for an additional gun. The ergonomic handgrip fits perfectly and can be easily operated with one hand. The built-in closing system with bung and cap permits to re-use the can up to 6 weeks later.
Soudal Genius Gun
In short, Genius Gun means
  • extreme comfort
  • accurate dosage
  • re-usage
Genius Gun, simply genius!
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Genius Gun video demo Professional

Soudal at BIG 5 2017

The Big 5 is a 4 day event being held from 26th November to the 29th November 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The Big 5 in Dubai has been home to the largest gathering of construction professionals in the Middle East.
Soudal will be showcasing its innovations for 2017 and 2018. With live demonstrations and all info available, we kindly invite you on stand
3 B157.

You can register for free here

Soudal Annual Report 2016

Soudal Annual Report 2015

You can read the most important wordwide developments, events and figures of 2016 in the online annual report.

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