Soudal NV is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, PU-Foams and adhesives. The company, established in 1966 by its chairman, Mr. Vic Swerts, proudly remains family owned and independent from large multinational corporations.
Soudal is a strong brand all over the world. It serves professionals in construction, retail channels and industrial assembly and has 45 years of experience with end-users in over 130 countries worldwide. With 11 manufacturing sites on 4 continents and 35 subsidiaries worldwide, Soudal ensures optimal technical and logistical support. 
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Soudal acquires ACCUMETRIC of Kentucky (USA)

Important acquisition on the American continent

Soudal Accumetric

Soudal announces the acquisition of Accumetric LLC, an independent manufacturer of silicones, sealants and lubricants in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA. Accumetric has 150 employees globally and will have revenues of approximately $50 million (37 million EURO) in 2014.

Accumetric was founded more than 40 years ago and has acquired a strong market position in the USA, with affiliates in India and Thailand. The company has built a strong reputation through its widely recognized brands Boss®, Dynatex® and CPI®. Furthermore, Accumetric is very successful in exporting to Asia, resulting in strong growth the past few years.

It is Soudal’s intention to continue to develop the production plant in Elizabethtown, Kentucky with planned future investments in building and equipment of $21 million (15.5 million EURO).

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Soudal continues its expansion down under

SOUDAL has recently acquired a majority share in SOUDIS, its former importer. Soudis has been Soudal's exclusive importer in Australia for many years and had already established a solid reputation as a reliable partner for distributors in both professional construction and the Retail market. Soudal Australia
Through this majority shareholdership, Soudal wishes to deepen its presence in the Australian market. With its current population of more than 23 million inhabitants, Australia offers a great growth-potential for the future. We consider the acquisition of Soudis as the next logical step in our aim to become active worldwide.

The takeover of the Soudis business includes all personnel and assets. SOUDIS will be renamed to SOUDAL PTL LTD, and becomes the 44th Soudal branch worldwide.

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Soudal is in 2014 cosponsor of the Lotto Belisol cycling team

Lotto Belisol and Soudal join forces again! After a successful cooperation during the Tour de France 2013, both parties continue their partnership and Soudal will become cosponsor of Lotto Belisol for the new cycling season.

Soudal will be one of the structural partners of the Lotto Belisol team, next to both main sponsors and the bike supplier Ridley Bikes.
Together with the other partners, Soudal wants to give the Belgian team the opportunity to reach its ambitions on the international cycling level.

The SOUDAL logo will be visible at the back of the shorts and on the chest of the Lotto Belisol riders.

Soudal co-sponsor Lotto Belisol

Building on the cooperation during the Tour de France 2013 and the sponsoring in cyclo-cross with the famous Soudal Classics, Soudal has decided to set a next step in road racing by becoming one of the structural partners of Lotto Belisol.

Soudal surprises with its new innovative T-REX® grab adhesives

Soudal surprises everyone with its new innovative, super-firm T-REX® grab adhesives, reinforced with fibres! This new range of adhesives for fixing decoratives and heavy items ensures rapid bonding and a super-strong end-result. Drills, screws and nails are a thing of the past!

The range consists of three products, each having their own specific properties:

T-Rex Montage Super
for bonding interior decorations

T-Rex Montage High Grab
has the highest initial bonding strength available in the market at 300kg/m²!

T-Rex Montage Transparent
for invisible bonding of all types of porous materials

In the product launch campaign for these super-strong grab adhesives, the image of the mighty T-Rex is used repeatedly. Displays with a dinosaur head and dinowobblers will be real eye-catchers at the point of sale.

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Genius Gun: the easiest PU foam to handle!

A world première in the market of PU foams… simply genius!

Soudal Genius Gun
Regular users of hand held PU foam often experience inconveniences. For instance: the need to hold the can and to operate the adaptor simultaneously, and the difficulty of dosing the foam. And especially, the limited tenability of the foam after the first usage of the can.
For Soudal, continuous product innovation based on market needs is of paramount importance. Therefore, we have been diligently working on overcoming these inconveniences in the past two years. And the result speaks for itself; GENIUS GUN ®: the easiest PU foam to handle!
The Genius Gun is a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise dosage and removing the need for an additional gun. The ergonomic handgrip fits perfectly and can be easily operated with one hand. The built-in closing system with bung and cap permits to re-use the can up to 6 weeks later.
Soudal Genius Gun
In short, Genius Gun means
  • extreme comfort
  • accurate dosage
  • re-usage
Genius Gun, simply genius!
Learn more about Genius Gun

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Soudal Annual Report 2013

Soudal Annual Report 2013

You can read the most important wordwide developments, events and figures of 2013 in the online annual report.

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'Entrepreneur of the year 2011'

Soudal wins 'Entrepreneur of the year 2011' Award in Flanders, Belgium

On October 11th, Prime minister Yves Leterme announced the winner of the 17th edition of the 'Entrepreneur of the year 2011' award in Flanders, Belgium. Among all finalists, Soudal nv and its founder Vic Swerts came out on top.

With this award, the organizer Ernst & Young rewards successful Belgian companies for their outstanding growth and sense for innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, sustainability and management.
The other nominees were Arseus, Waterleau and Willy Naessens Group.
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